What Is Occupational Health?

Occupational Medicine is a specialist area of clinical Medicine, which looks specifically at the effects of work on an employee and the effects that health has on an individual’s ability and fitness to perform their work.

This is not a new concept, occupational health has been around for centuries. The Egyptians worked out that hewing rock for pyramids damaged the worker’s health, so they had slaves do this work.

From an employer’s perspective

This includes advising about workplace safety, assisting the organization in meeting its legal obligations and the prevention of occupational injuries and disease, assessing fitness for work and helping to rehabilitate those who have suffered injury or sickness back into work. Occupational health services are also used to assist organisations in managing absence situations – both short and long term. Every business and organization is unique and will have specific requirements of what they need and what they would like, the occupational health service needs to be carefully tailored to meet these needs and expectations, to ensure the optimum service is provided within the budget.

From an employee’s perspective

Being out of work has significant mental and physical effects. There is strong evidence to show that getting back into work not only improves self-esteem, but aids recovery and rehabilitation. Occupational health helps to ensure that your work does not affect your health, safety and wellbeing whilst at work.

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A Nationwide Occupational Health Service meeting your organisational needs

PHC can provide the full range of Occupational Health Services and is able to respond to your organisations particular requirements.

PHC has developed the largest network of clinics serving the South East, London, and the Midlands. In addition, PHC has developed a network of over 120 accredited partner organisations coordinated from our PHC in Maidstone who provide an integrated national service throughout the UK and Ireland. PHC’s occupational health doctors are qualified to work both in the UK and The Republic of Ireland.

Occupational health assessments can be arranged throughout the UK and Ireland either on a one off basis or as part of a comprehensive service. PHC’s occupational health staff can provide on site health surveillance examinations and work place occupational health assessments adding additional flexibility and reducing employee time away from work.