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PHC is geared towards responding flexibly to the need of the client company, as the types of services will vary. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to a client company culture and recognize that the requirements of a construction company, a firm of solicitors, a transportation company, a paper manufacturing company, and an NHS Trust are very different. Each working environment presents Occupational Health challenges which can only be comprehensively met by a multi-disciplinary Occupational Health team.

PHC seeks to agree with each client the service requirements and key criteria which are important to them. We also seek a regular review of such criteria to ensure that they are appropriate and required. Our systems ensure that such requirements are understood at all levels in the organisation. This allows us to respond to short term changes in requirements and urgent customer needs outside of the normal scope of operations and service specification.

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A Nationwide Occupational Health Service meeting your organisational needs

PHC can provide the full range of Occupational Health Services and is able to respond to your organisations particular requirements.

PHC has developed the largest network of clinics serving the South East, London, and the Midlands. In addition, PHC has developed a network of over 120 accredited partner organisations coordinated from our PHC in Maidstone who provide an integrated national service throughout the UK and Ireland. PHC’s occupational health doctors are qualified to work both in the UK and The Republic of Ireland.

Occupational health assessments can be arranged throughout the UK and Ireland either on a one off basis or as part of a comprehensive service. PHC’s occupational health staff can provide on site health surveillance examinations and work place occupational health assessments adding additional flexibility and reducing employee time away from work.