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Ionising Radiation – This site provides all the information you require about different types of radiation.

This site provides general healthcare information for the general public and is appropriate for both employees and managers.

This is the homepage for the HSE’s website, providing information on specific topics and all the services provided by the Health & Safety Executive.

This site provides a wide range of information on many public health issues.

This allows you access to the public health electronic library, which is a one-stop site for public health information within the United Kingdom. It allows you to search for organisations and further web addresses.

As it says on the tin!

This allows you access to a series of statistics provided by the Civil Service on sickness absence and accidents within the UK.

Arthritis Foundation
Arthritis Research Campaign
Arthritis Society (Canada)

Back Pain
Back Care
Back Pain
Body Control Pilates
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society
National Osteoporosis Society

Child Care
Improving Working sites, a UK government site
The National Childminding Association

Disability Discrimination
Disability Rights Commision
Disabled Living Foundation
Guidance on claiming the Disability Allowance in the UK

Heart Problems
British Heart Foundation
The World Heart Foundation

Health and Safety Issues
Infection Within the Workplace
This is the site for the Government’s public health laboratory service
This site provides information regarding the Government centres for disease, control and prevention within the United Kingdom.

Injury Recovery
Legal Issues relating to Occupational Health & Employment
Providing advice on unfair dismissal, redundancy and other employment law issues

Mental Health Issues
This is the site for the Sainsbury’s Centre for Mental Health
Website for Disabled Living Foundation
dealing with traumatic stress
useful information about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
This is an Australian site providing computer based Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Noise at Work
A good general site for noise issues

the definitive site for all types of radiation, including mobile phones

Visual Impairment
The website for the RNIB
Association of Disabled Professionals
Wales Council for the Blind

Voice Problems at Work
The National Centre for Voice and Speech in the USA

Workplace Health
Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
US Health Promotion site
Canadian site
the latest from Europe!
Health Promotion International
The Kings Fund

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PHC Updates

A Nationwide Occupational Health Service meeting your organisational needs

PHC can provide the full range of Occupational Health Services and is able to respond to your organisations particular requirements.

PHC has developed the largest network of clinics serving the South East, London, and the Midlands. In addition, PHC has developed a network of over 120 accredited partner organisations coordinated from our PHC in Maidstone who provide an integrated national service throughout the UK and Ireland. PHC’s occupational health doctors are qualified to work both in the UK and The Republic of Ireland.

Occupational health assessments can be arranged throughout the UK and Ireland either on a one off basis or as part of a comprehensive service. PHC’s occupational health staff can provide on site health surveillance examinations and work place occupational health assessments adding additional flexibility and reducing employee time away from work.