In-Service Health Assessments

This is identified through workplace risk assessments and the surveillance can be tailored to the organisation and various roles within the workplace. The tests are carried out by our nurses and technicians and the work is reported to management as required under a variety of legislation. Where there is a requirement to report to the HSE or other Statutory body, then this is included within our prices.

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Audiometry includes the testing of hearing. It is required for all those regularly exposed to noise above 85dB and some between 80-85dB

All tests are categorised using the HSE Categorisation Scheme, then reported and managed according to HSE Guidance.

These tests can be combined with other health surveillance on site visits, or by appointment at our clinics.

Lung Function Studies

Lung function studies form part of higher level surveillance for occupational asthma and are required for workers exposed to products or processes including R42/43, isocynates, dust from flour grain or wood, solder fume, glues and resins.

These tests can be carried out in conjunction with other health surveillance either on site or at our clinics.

Skin Surveillance

Skin inspections are required to determine the ‘local effects’ following exposure to hazardous substances known to cause dermatitis, sensitisation or de-pigmentation of the skin.

Skin surveillance can be carried out in conjunction with other health surveillance on site or at any PHC clinic.

Biological Monitoring

Many jobs require the handling of chemicals that can be harmful to health, it is the employer’s responsibility to prevent and control this exposure. Biological monitoring is used to indicate how much of a chemical has entered the body, this monitoring can take the form of blood, urine or breath sampling, which type of sampling is necessary will depend on how the chemical, to which a person has been exposed, is processed by the body.

PHC is able to offer a full range of biological monitoring and this can be done in conjunction with other health surveillance either on site or at our clinics.

HAVS Assessment

Employees whose hands are regularly exposed to vibration may suffer from damage to the tissues of hands and arms, which causes the symptoms collectively known as HAVS. Health surveillance includes working through a tier process, as outlined in HSE guidance, culminating in Tier 3 and/or 4 assessments by Occupational Health professionals holding a certificate awarded by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine for attendance on an approved training course in HAV (see Appendix 6 Hand-arm vibration The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 (L140).

PHC has suitably qualified occupational health professionals to undertake HAVS assessment and diagnosis and such assessments can be carried out on site or at PHC clinics.

Night Worker Assessment

The Working Time Regulations established 3 key principles, one of which was to establish health assessments for night workers in occupations covered by these regulations. Employees should be offered free health assessment prior to working nights and regularly throughout their employment.

The assessment can be either a questionnaire, medical assessment or a combination of both, dependant on the fitness requirements of the substantive role.

PHC can offer all forms of night worker assessment and can combine these with routine health surveillance and/or statutory medical examinations, both onsite and via our clinics.

Food Handler Assessment

Food Handlers are people who directly touch food, food preparation surfaces or who can directly contaminate the hands of people who handle food. The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 require that no person suffering from, or being a carrier of a disease likely to be transmitted through food or afflicted, for example, with infected wounds, skin infections, sores or diarrhoea is to be permitted to handle food or enter any food-handling area in any capacity if there is any likelihood of direct or indirect contamination.“

Food Handler medical checks are usually in the form of questionnaires and the requirement to obtain medical clearance certificates before working. Medical certificates and the answers to questionnaires can provide a useful snapshot of someone’s health at a point in time and reveal information about their past which could be relevant.

PHC can offer food handler clearances, offer advice on the management of workers suffering from ill health or who have declared overseas travel, those who have suffered from recent bacterial or viral infections and provide specialist laboratory testing to support the employer.

MHE Driver Assessment

The ACOP applying to Fork Lift Operator training recommends the screening of potential operators before placement and then to follow the guidelines for Group 2 licences in ‘At a glance’ which require medical examination every five years from age 45, and every year from age 65 (in line with licence renewal periods).

PHC can provide medical assessment for Drivers either on site or via our clinics.

Fitness to operate lift trucks may be impaired temporarily by the effects of medication, whether prescribed or purchased over the counter, PHC can provide advice on fitness, drugs and alcohol testing.

Assessment is also recommended after an absence of more than one month or after a shorter absence if it is likely that the illness may have affected fitness to operate lift trucks. This assessment is recommended to provide positive confirmation of fitness to operate lift trucks in these circumstances and PHC can undertake these assessments either on site or in our clinics.

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